• 2021.11.10

Shoma Uno collaboration item Petit Pack

Thank you for your continued support of Mizuno Brand Ambassador Figure Skating Shoma Uno.
I want everyone who supports Uno to enjoy their daily lives! With that feeling

We have planned "Daily Unou Petit Pack"!

The theme of this time is an item that will color your daily life and make you happy.
The package is a special specification with the product name and UNO1 logo written by Uno himself.

We want you to feel the fun and excitement in your daily life, and we would like to continue to support you with you.

[Reception is over]

* Aiming for better collaboration, we may readjust the size and position of the logo (including the piss name) because we want to stick to it over high heat. Thank you for your understanding.


ShomaUno × Mizuno Collaboration
Mizuno is proud to announce the release of the third collaboration item with Shoma Uno, featuring his original MIZUNO logo, which represents his hard work and successful routine to become the best. We look forward to your continued support of Shoma Uno.

Shoma Uno's videos & photos

Product list

  • [Made to order] UNO1 hand towel (Shoma Uno collaboration model)
  • [Made to order] UNO1 short socks (Shoma Uno collaboration model)

Affiliation: TOYOTA